Decentralization 2017

Earlier this year, a group out of the MIT Media Lab published a research paper called “Defending Internet Freedom through Decentralization: Back to the Future?” which is well worth reading. The paper recognizes the threat to the open internet posed by the growing centralization of services and data within a handful of companies. The same group, consisting of Chelsea Barabas, Neha Narula, and Ethan Zuckerman, also published an opinion piece in Wired called “Decentralized Social Networks Sound Great.
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Its all too easy as 2017 draws to a close to simply call the whole civilization thing a failed experiment and plan to hibernate for 2018 (at least). The world, it appears, is coming apart at the seams. In politics, we seem more divided than at any time in the past few generations. This is true here in the US, of course, but also abroad in Brexit, the Russian “liberation” of Crimea, and the flaring up of feelings of independence in Catalonia.
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Ross Schulman

Lawyer/coder on a mission to redecentralize the internet and fix post-capitalism… Then get lunch.

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